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Adult Screen Print Workshops

We just finished up our workshop series for PRO Edge and Beginners Screen Print. If you are interested in a session send us an expression of interest.

These exclusive workshops range from the beginner to the professional level required for a budding entrepreneur. If you want to turn your artwork (or your kids artwork) into fine art prints, stationery, tea towels, cushions, or printed fabric, these workshops are for you. All workshops are assisted by a professional who will help you achieve the results you want. So no worries, your not printing on your own. Our master screen print instructor has been at it for over a decade and literally printed tens of thousands of hand pulled prints that have been distributed internationally. His craftsmanship is so great he prints small type so clear it could pass for offset printing. His work has sold to over 600 stockists in America. And he’s pretty cool so you will love working with him.

Why us?

The course is led by a craftsman who is interested in perfecting prints. We have mastered the techniques required to get great quality prints and we want to show you the short cuts. You don’t have to spend thousands of hours like us to perfect your technique. These workshops highlight how to print clean prints even with the smallest of type. (Type is our specialty). Guy, your instructor will guide you through the techniques while you achieve your goal. At the end of our sessions you have a product that you can be proud of and most likely catch the screen printing bug eager to print again.

A snap of our past work


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