“The Design Project” – Kids Dress Design

Fashion Club presented a new generation of big thinkers and designers.

The May 10th, 2014 fashion show was a debut of 9 dresses individually designed by 9 girls between the ages 7 and 9. The girls call themselves the “Fashion Club”. We also had a heap of activities for all ages to participate in from designing a t-shirt, tote bage, and other kids/ mum activities perfect for mother’s day gifts.

The girls dresses came to life through a school holiday project as our first unofficial DESIGN PROJECT. The girls developed the concepts in the form of brainstorming sessions, sketching, tracing a pattern to fabric, designing their own print patterns with fabric paint and markers, with a final hand at sewing. Midway through the project they went on a shopping spree where they learned how to pick accessories to add detail while working within a budget. The main idea was to let them learn how to execute their own ideas from the beginning to the end. They did it effortlessly, because as we found it is not the ideas they are lacking, it is the confidence in sharing those ideas. That too became simple as they were asked a series of questions that informed their decisions in the project.

These aren’t your ordinary little dresses. They are quite spectacular for a group of kids just a little over the age of 6 that have never done this before. No one knew what to expect when they decided to pursure dress designing with this young group of mini makers. It is often our own fears that limit children. The girls and parents are blown away by the outcome. I had a hunch that they could do it, and over the moon when they proved me right. Needless to say we are quite proud of their work!

To participate in upcoming mini maker projects visit the “Lumi Opus Mini Makers”.
Activities for mini makers and Mum or Dad will be available with limited spots, so don’t miss out.

Other workshops for kids and adults vary from “Bag design” to “screen printing art prints and fabric” to name a few.