About our print passion

We fell in love with the hand screen printing process before the “made by hand” revolution was in full swing. We became addicted to the feel of ink that could powerfully sit on top of a dark paper, or “challenging” paper. We humbly started our first print adventure in the small quarters of a New York City apartment in 2003. At the time we truly stumbled our way to successful prints. But after literally hand printing¬†thousands and thousands of exquisite art prints in the form of beautiful stationery line, we can say we got it!

We use water based, non-toxic ink, and make sure you have the best quality prints you have ever seen, or we redo them. We don’t sell bad prints. It’s just not in our way. We pride ourselves in letting the work speak for itself. Our director of printing is involved in every print. He has printed tens of thousands hand pulled prints with small type printed so clear it could pass for offset printing. His work has sold to over 600 stockists in America. So needless to say your in good hands.

We print on paper, most fabrics, and experiment on any surface we can. In everything we do we strive for eco-friendly solutions. Over the years we have printed with experimental inks, crazy paper, and excel when we do unique.

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